Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My birthday party was amazing.
My parents was prepare everything what I could dream for me.
I had beautiful dress and special make-up. I looked great.
I had party with my family and friends in great club Cofee Cafe.
I had big chocolate birthday cake. We was seeing funny movies when I was tree and five years old. First I was angry on my mum of that but then I was very happy and I like it!
We was drinking a lot of shakes, coctails, and specials cofees.
We prepared a lot of cookies and sweets. Than I was openinig my gifts. I got a new mobile phone, good pen, books and a lot of great things. It was one of the best birthday of my life.
My last birthday was on 27th of may. It was an amaizing. I got a lots of presents.It was my 14 birthday.My uncle from Canada was on my birthday first time.I was so excited.My birthday was in an exclusive restaurant,,FIRE". This restaurant was all for us. We had to ate cakes, sweets, sandwiches, pizza and ice creams. Of course there were my parents and my family.My friends were so nice and friendly.They suprised me. They went to me with 14 baloons. It was wonderful. It was the best birthday in my life.
I writing at my last brithday. I was 17 year. I was very happy.
On my brithday where my family and my friends. I [dostałem]
much presents.I haved big cake. It was fanny. We listened to music. We watched TV. We danced.I was very well it.I love it.
We was danced [do] 11 o'clock. After my friends must go at house.
Was OK.