Hey Dominika!

Greetings from Finland! The weather is beautiful and I'm having the time of my life!

I've decided to take part in language course, here in Helsinki, becouse of my future studies(I have family near Oslo and I'm going to live there during my education).I'm very glad of my decision. I study Finnish in the morning but also learn it during the rest of the day, becouse i spend the whole day speaking with my teachers. For me it's the best way to spend holiday. I don't like waist of time. :) I've just eaten my breakfast and I'm going to do some grammar exercises. For 15 minutes I have conversation with native speaker from my college. Afternoon I'm going for dance course. I've taken part in jazz course for 6 days and I really liked it! It's so wonderful, such a good way to show your emotions. You shoul try it too! :)

What are you up to? I hope you are in good health and mood.

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Hi Dominkia
I'm having a fantastic time in Florida. Zeki's family are really nice. Yesterday, we saw Everglades - an amazing place! We went on a fantastic boat trip, too.
The Bridge Sunshine Skyway was a bit bornig - I'm not into bridge. I didn't like the St.Augustine - I can't stand small town! the weather's good. How are you? This mornig, Zeki got a text message from grandmother.
See you next week!
Tu sie podpisujesz ;)