Bardzo proszę o pomoc. Muszę napisać 3 zdania z każdym z podanych słówek/fraz.

Further more
in addition to
apart from
in spite of
last but not least

Potrzebne na jutro. Z góry dziękuję i przypominam, wybieram najlepsze..



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
*I like helping people, futher more I want to be a doctor.
*Today Damian hit me with a stick to golf, futher more, not even an apology. \
*I am a student, so I have to do our homework regularly, futher more do I need to learn the tests

+I like the Polish, in addition to punctuation.
+In addition to Polish language I also like foreign languages.
+I have to do the task of the eighth, in addition to the example c

-I do not have time besides to I like this.
-Besides from the ones I have four mathematics in chemistry.
-I'm allergic to all fruits besides raspberries.

~I like all my friends apart from Magda.
~I do not read books apart from reading.
~Apart from the schools also have extra curricular activities

` Despite I am good at math, I do not like it.
` Despite fever, have a good feel.
` I do not have good grades, despite though I am a good student.

=In spite of myself, I ate a candy bar.
=In spite of to arrest my mother, I began to smoke.
=In spite of to his mind, jumped into the pool.

#last but not least, the end of school!
# Last but not least, I got five in mathematics.
# Last but not least,I finished this task.

Przepraszam, że tak późno.