My family has got five people and dog. I have one brother and one sister. My name is Justyna. My brother's name is Patryk. My sister's name is Agnieszka. My mummy's name is Anna Maria. My dad's name is Karol. My dog's name is Baster. My brother is a five-year-old child. My sister is fourteen years old. I am twelve. My parents are forty.
I have got long straight brown hair and green eyes. I have got thin lips. I am medium of build. I like black colour. I am very tall.
My brother has got short black hair and brown eyes. He is short.
My sister has got long brown hair and brown eyes. She is tall and lean.
My mummy has got black hair and green eyes. She is fat.
My dad has got brown hair and brown eyes. He is medium of build.
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