Potrzebuje notatki o wybranym sporcie w j.angielskim notatka ma być na jakieś od 7 do 10 krótkich zdań sporty to
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Volleyball is a sport for everyone. Not like football which is only for boys. It's a good activity to spend our free time. We can also keep fit all the time for every part of our body. Each group consist of 6 players (separated by net) who triy to score points. Everything is under organized rules. In summer we can play beach volleyball.
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Volleyball, volleyball, team, non-contact sports game, which is the essence of competition for two 6-person teams, aiming to break such a ball over the net to hit it in the opponent's field. Players of one team have the right to bounce the ball 3 at its half of the field (or 4, when the ball was touched by the so-called. Blocking), hands or other body part.
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