Write sentences using when or while and the past countinous or past simple.

Przykład :

He/have/ an accident/cycle home(while)
He had an accident ahile he was cycling home.

I/talk to Susanna/ drop the phone on the floor (when)
I wa talking to Susanna when I dropped the phone on the floor.

Zdania :
1. She/eat a packet of biscuits/do her homework (while)
2.I/get up/our friends arrive( when)
3. They/stay/in Kenya/see three elephants (while)
4. We/take our dog for a walk/start to rain (when)
5. They/stay in Los Angeles/go to Disneyland (while)
6. She/ watch a DVD/ her mum phone ( when)
7. She / shop in town/ lose her purse (while)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. she ate a packet of biscuits while she was doing her homework
2.I was getting up when our friends arrived
3. While they were staying in Kenya they saw three elephants
4. We were taking our dog for a walk when started to rain.
5. They stayed in Los Angeles while they were going to Disneyland
6. She was watching a DVD when her mum phoned
7. While she was shopping in town she lost her purse