• Użytkownik Zadane
Every man has his place of residence. Some live in cities, and others elsewhere - in the countryside. Place of residence may be a matter of choice, but also a necessity. It is worth to consider the advantages and disadvantages of rural life. The inhabitants of large cities often think about life in the countryside as a bad thing. I do not think they are completely wrong. We are living in the countryside away from urban noise. Once people living in villages had no electricity, telephones. Now everything has changed and they have all the comforts that were once available to citizens. Life in the country, however, carries a constant employment. If someone is holding a daily basis must deal with the difficulties arising from the care of animals, plants. If you live in the countryside have to devote much time to work on their manners. Rural Life has its great advantages, because it provides peace and quiet, no pollution, they have to face people living in cities.
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