Film- film, film fabularny feature film
milk -mleko
play- grać
train -pociąg
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Nie podałeś, czy mają być to czasowniki, czy rzeczowniki, a te słówka występują jako jedne i drugie, więc podam obydwa:
film - to record moving pictures of an event, story, etc. with a camera
milk - to take milk from an animal such as a cow
play - to do sth to enjoy yourself; to have fun
ski - to move over snow on skis
train - to teach a person to do sth which is difficult or which needs practice
film - a story, play, etc. shown in moving pictures at the cinema or on TV
milk - a white liquid that is produced by women and female animals to feed their babies. People drink the milk of some animals and use it to make butter and cheese
play - activity done for enjoyment only, especially by children
ski - one of a pair of long, flat, narrow pieces of wood or plastic that are fastened to boots and used for sliding over snow
train - a type of transport that is pulled by an engine along a railway line. A train is divided into carriages and coaches and wagons
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