They are members of my family: the mum, the Dad, the brother and I. And a dog which I got in the birthday present from the brother is most important. We live in the two-room flat, in the block. Mum Małgosia is an accountant uwielbiajaca order. He likes to work and to clean. Very well he is cooking. He is świetnią with housewife. Moreover nicely he is drawing. Dad Andrzej is working as a regular soldier. I can always count on him, since he is comprehensively educated. Brother Robert it 25 - lukewarm car salesman. In past holidays he became the master's degree. I am pleased that he is older, since he has more experience which he is sharing with me. Rocky-jedyne darling of everyone domownika-ma 3 years. A lot of people often pay attention to it, since he is an exceptional variety yorka. In spite of short arguments I am loving my family very much and I would exchange for her for none other.