Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Computer is the most popular media on the world.we can looking for very important informations and we can talking with friends on GADU GADU.If we want we can watching favorites films,downloading files and playing games in the internet.Besides we can writting and looking informations about ours favorite tvs and sports stars.nowodays are popular notebooks because there are smaller as tradicional computer.
mobile phones are second the most popular mass media on the world.we can downloading games,sending messages and we can contact with pepole very fast.A lot of people have mobile phones because it`s practical thing, but a lot of us have tradicional telephones in our houses.
in the internet we can looking for some kind of job if we are unemployment.we can writting with our friends and family if we are abroad.beside we can spending our leasure playing games,racing cars and cards.we can find our old friends.

(jeżeli prześlesz mi przykłady jakie mogę ci jeszcze opisac to sie postaram bo nic innego narazie nie przychodzi mi do głowy:(:(:( )