1.So far , I didn't make any new friends. X
2. Tommorrow we've travelling to an island.X
3. Next term he studies French and Spanish. X
4. She just taken her last exam. X
5. In the past few days I saw a lot of sharks. X
6. At the moment we learn to sail. X
7. We went on holiday soon. X

X- źle
Baaaaardzo proszę o pomoc.!!!!!! ;)



1.So far , I haven't made any new friends
2. Tommorrow we're travelling to an island.
3. Next term he will study French and Spanish.
4. She has just taken her last exam.
5. In the last few days I have seen a lot of sharks.
6. At the moment we are learning to sail.
7. We are going on holiday soon.
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