First day - Monday
I do not like Mondays, because I usually learn a lot. Waiting for my test tomorrow in physics and the science quiz. At school, nothing. Lord of physical education was not good humor, so we ran around the lessons in the hall. My legs hurt terribly but at times worse.

Second Day - Tuesday
Test I went pretty well. Weather today is horrible so horrible I want to sleep. I still have homework and besides, nothing new.

Third Day - Wednesday
The school was to present so spared us two lessons or math and biology. The weather is a bit better. Would be nice at the weekend are heading to with friends on a roll.

fourth day Thursday
I can not wait for the weekend.

Fifth day - Friday
At last weekend. Today I was skating with Magda. We went for ice cream also, and the way we met the boys. They did not want us to leave and we ments. Except that they were on foot, we in the rolls. We had a big advantage.

Pierwszy dzień - Poniedziałek
Nie lubię poniedziałków, ponieważ zazwyczaj jest dużo nauki. Jutro mam test z fizyki i kartkówkę z informatyki. W szkole nudno. Pan od wf-u miał zły humor więc my musieliśmy całą lekcję biegać po hali. Bolą mnie nogi ale bywało gorzej.

Drugi Dzień - Wtorek
test wypadł mi całkiem dobrze. jest okropna pogoda więc okropnie chce mi się spać. Jeszcze muszę obrobić lekcje, po za tym nic nowego.

Trzeci Dzień - Środa
W szkole było przedstawienie więc ominęły nas dwie lekcje czyli matematyka i biologia. Pogoda jest nieco lepsza. Oby było ładnie w weekend to wybiorę sie z przyjaciółmi na rolki.

Czwarty dzień - czwartek
Już nie mogę doczekać się weekendu.

Piąty dzień - Piątek
Nareszcie weekend. Byłam dziś z magdą na rolkach. Pojechaliśmy także na lody, a po drodze spotkałyśmy chłopaków. Nie chcieli nas zostawić i ganiali nas. Tylko że oni byli na pieszo, my na rolkach. Mieliśmy dużą przewagę.
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Dear DIARY!!
today Monday is. was at school fantastically. on the first playtime the boy with which I fell in love asked me about walking. has to the name mateusz and is wonderful. I answered him so that he waited till tomorrow for the response. of course agreed. no longer I can wait until tomorrow's day. I must look beautiful. dear DIARY!!!
today Tuesday is. I just came back to the school. mateusz'owi I answered of course "so". for this reason very much was satisfied. friends are envying me such a wonderful boy.
dear DIARY!!!
today today Wednesday is. still I walk around mateusz'em. today we were holding each other by the hand. on the playtime we were together on the dinner. mateusz fed me on potatoes, the cutlet and the salad. for you she scolded him for it and he had to spend the more distant part of the break in the account. I felt sad a bit that by it is me but mateusz he said it had been very funny and nothing happened.
dear diary!!!!
today Thursday is. today wasn't at school my mateusz'a. after the school I went to him into the visit. it turned out around he broke his arm when he skateboarded. but he comforted me that tomorrow he would come already to the school. for the parting hugged me close very much. stated that so this hug would accompany me was troche not on the spot.:) beneath my house I got the sweet kiss. I am now very happy that I have this way great. of boy.
dear diary!!!
today Friday is. closing date during the week school. today mateusz came to the school some very happy. later told me it was about this yesterday kiss. also said he was loving me very much. I was for this reason even happier than yesterday. I signed plaster for him "your of Pauline monk".
dear diary!!!!
today Saturday is. today I was on the long walk with my mateusz'em. it was fantastically. we walked in the forest by hands and we were very happy. you know diary that mateusz then again kissed me. this time under the large tree where dug our initials with the knife in the heart. the today was wonderful.
dear diary!!!
today Sunday is. today with mateusz'em I was at the church. after mass mateusz walked me home. my mum saw us out of the window and she saw that we were kissing. invited mateusz'a to us to the dinner. mateusz gladly accepted the proposal of my mum. we ate our lunch and then we went home to the afternoon snack to him later walked me home.

masz ;] mam nadziejee że pomogłaaam ;*
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