Format one it is interesting sport. F 1 is very expensive. They very much much are spending money. Engineers are important. Bolides are very important. In every first prize a strategy and tyres are also important. The last world champion is Jeason Button.
My favorite sport is football. It's a team game. Since 1900, the Olympic discipline. The football team has 11 players. A typical football game is to keep the possession of the ball so that it entered into possession of the enemy, the legends of the ball with his foot or his head (not hands) to partner with the band and then kick it to the opponent's goal. Physical contact between players is forbidden in principle. Competitors who are not in possession of the ball, try to move around the pitch, trying to find themselves in positions to facilitate the exchange of the ball between players of his team, while hindering the game to the opponent.
Licz na naaj ;)
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