Imagine you're going to Celtic Camp. Write your plans about the Camp. ( 80 - 100 words ) .

pilne .! na już .. .! dam najlepszą .!
proszę o napisanie po angielsku + tłumaczenie polskie .!

to zadanie związane jest z tematem " a good idea " z podrecznika ENERGY 3 ( fioletowy) str. 8,9. proszę o szybkie napisanie :*.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
On thirtieth of June i'm going to a celtic camp. it will be in glasgow. I'm going to take a camera, because we are going to visit Stonehange and London. I'm going here with my friend. We are going there for two weeks. The cost of a camp is 500 pounds with a hotel and meals. We are going there by plane. Then we are going to Glasgow by train. I want to go now but we still have school and lessons.