Musze opisać swój pokój na jutro.
pomaranczowe sciany, po prawo znajdują sie szafy, po lewo łozko regał i biurko. na wprost drzwi jest okno . na podłodze lezy dywan. na srodku stoi ława. pokoj jest duzy.
teraz trzeba to "ubrać" w zdania po angielsku . baardzo prosze daje dyszke



My room is great. His colour it orange. On the left a bed and a desk are standing. I there am also bookshelf. However on the other side wardrobes are found. In the middle of the room a bench which is standing on the carpet is standing. On against door there is a window.
My room is quite big. It has got orange walls. When you enter the room, the first thing, that you can see is a window, which is in front of my doors. There is a fluffy carpet on the floor. In the left side of my room there are: a bed, a bookcase and my desk. In the midle, there is a table. I love spending my free time, reading a book in my room, or just laying on the bed and listening to music.