Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In my opinion the love and friendship have very big difference. Friendship is emotion. Love is something more. If You love somebody, You trust him or her, You are with somebody in good and bad time. True love is powerful and one for all the rest of our life. You can have a lot of friends, but You can have only one partner in Your life. Somebody who love can do for that person all the things. From very trivial to sacriface of life. Very often in our life, We can have many girlfriends or boyfriends in school, job, on the parties etc. Perhaps in my opinion, friendship is the very good foundation for love. Love can be only between boy and girl. The gays or lesbians is effect of problems with psychic. Friendship can be between boys or between girls. In the end, I wish in love from first seen. If You have a relationship with somebody but You dont have a friendship before this 'love' it isn't true love. True love is builded on very strong friendship.
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