Untypically because in a winter setting we celebrated the Day of Women this year. Our school gentlemen invited you and Friends to the meeting during which choices were supposed to be held beauty queen of the school. This way however it didn't happen and these are because of the newest directive Ministries of the Natural Evolution which recommended conducting an election that day for the Mister of the school. Aries leading the Patryk meeting to the participation in elections (you can choose other full name) and Dominic Ptaszyński invited representatives of the sterner sex from I-VI classes. after examining the level of the humour, the joke and the physical fitness, to the Mister of the school for 2010 the jury being composed of girls chose Patryka Gogacza (you can choose other full name) from the III class. giving flowers to Women was a Final stress of the meeting and of sweet gifts for Friends.
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