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Rent semi-detached house which has two floors. The house has a location in a good location for near Krakow. The building has 10 rooms:
- 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 bedrooms, garage, office, 2 rooms.
The rent is 1500 gold per month. You can enter up to 2 December this year. If you have questions my phone number. 0505456958
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I want to rent your house to someone responsible because they really are in it recently bought new furniture. The house is as big as it is in the two bathrooms, two bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, the living room, living room. Rent is payable in the amount of 500 zł per month. You can enter up just after you have completed the invoice prepared. More information can be found on WWW.dom.16.foto.dom.pl or please call the number. 999-999-999