• Użytkownik Zadane
--Hey, Paula!
The hi-ola, what are you doing here?
-And I came to eat
Oh-so like me;)
-To join me in that case
-Okay just go order something
-Good morning, I wanted to order a small pizza
-Well now you do, and so has to be pizza?
- YMM .. with cheese, tomato, and mushrooms
-Thank you
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello How can I help you?
Hmm what do you want Monika?
Maybe salad with cheese?
But I' m really hungry What about chicken and potatoes?
But I'm a vegetarian Do you remember?
Oh yes sorry Monika, so salad will be good
Thanks Krysia
Ok so we want to salad with cheese
Do you want sth to drink?
Yes water, please
Thank you
Kelnerka: Good morning. Can I serve what for feed?
Dziewczyna 1 : I please strawberries cocktail. What you take Ola?
Dziewczyna 2 : Hmm I chocolate ice-cream please.
Kelnerka: Ok. It is belonged 2 pounds.
Dziewczyny razem: Very please.
Kelnerka: I thank. Bon appetit .