Napisz historię na jeden z podanych tematów.
- Njagorszy dzień w moim życiu.
- Najlepszy przyjaciel z dzieciństa
- Najlepsze wspomnienie mojego życia.
Mini. 15 zdań Maks. 25 zdań.
Mją być w czasie przeszłym tylko w Simpe past! Bez 'is' itp.!!!
Historia może być zmyślona, śmieszna z fantazją xd Ale żeby była chociarz :)
Błagam nie z translatora!!!
Oczywiście po angielsku!



My best friend from childhood was a girl. She was an Italian. She could speak fluently English, Polish and Italian. She had long, brown, curly hair. Her eyes was incredible! One eye was green and one was blue. She was very laughing girl. I loved spend time with her because she always could organized our time! I've never bored with her. One day, in my birthday, she came to me and took me to Disneyland! We spent all day there! Some other time, she wrote a song for me in italian. I'll never forget it. It was beautiful song. Unfortunately, she moved to Italy. I'll never see her again.
One day I went to the park.It was very warm , so I bought ice cream. I was very happy because ice cream was very yummy.
Suddenly large eagle fly straight to me. I was scared . I dropped ice cream and I run to house . Eagle was already near me ,but it wasn't important . I stepped into in shi* and falled. If you was in similar situation you know how I felled. Suddenly I was at home.nothing didn't ugly smelled . I lied in bed. I was very sweat and my bed was wet .Oo fac*! - I said. I didn't had new bedclothes. :( It was The worst day in my life :(((