Mam takie zadanie z angielskiego.

You are going to write a profile of a band. Find information about a band which you like. Then makes notes to answer the questions.

Moze to byc zespol Black Eyed Peace.

Pytania pomocnicze na ktore trzeba odpowiedziec:

1. When and where were they formed?
2. Who has played in the band?
3. Who are the songs and the lirycs written by?
4. When was their first album released?
5. Which albums have been popular or successful?
6. What kind of music do they play?
7. Have they won any awards or prizes?

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A Black Eyed Peas band was established in 1995. The band included four members: William James Adams, Stacy Ann Ferguson, Jaime Luis Gomez and Allen Pineda-Lindo. Stacy Ann Ferguson also known as Fergie and William are vocalists and great friends in private life. Besides singing, they are responsible for writing lyrics. The first album of the Black Eyed Peas band called "Behind the front" was released in 1996. It didn't make them famous though. But after summer release of "Elephunk" in 2003 their career changed inconceivably. They became one of the most recognizable band in the USA. The group plays R&B and hip-hop music often mixed with funk and other kinds. I could list lots of awards they had received. One of them is "Gramma award" for the best rendition of "I Gotta Feeling" by Fergie and William. By the combination of different styles, the band is unique and special. I consider it to be the best band ever created.

(Część informacji jest niezgodna z rzeczywistością i została zmieniona na potrzeby treści zadania ;) )