How much cost that fish ?
How many rollcakes do You want ?
Sam , please cut the grass.
Michael is hungry and He want a lot of food.
I'm thirsty , I must go buy some water.
I'm crazy about You and I must tell You something
Your's boy are growing up :)
This ham is very delicious.
I forget my breakfast in school.
I don't fancy my friend in class.
1.You weren't thirsty.
2.How much is the fish?
3.How Many Pairs Of Shoes Do You All Own?
4. She cut her hair.
5.I' so hungry.
6.How about you?
7.Grow up!
8.It's so delicious dinner.
9.I eat breakfast every morning.
10.I don't fancy you too much.

1) I'm thirsty.
2) How much water do you drink every day?
3) How many potatoes did you peel for a dinner?
4) Somebody cut grass in our garden yesterday.
5) Are you hungry?
6) How about you?
7) Your children grow up very fast.
8) Oh, this soup is delicious!
9) What time have you got breakfast?
10) I don't fancy how could you do this?