Zero conditional With If ten czas
1) If an old lady needs (need) help with a heavy bag, I always offer to carry it.
2) If I (wake) up early at the weekend, I usually try to go back to sleep.
3) If a stranger (offer) me a lift, I always say no because it's not safe
4) If it (rain) on a Saturday, I stay in and surf the Internet.
5)If my mum (ask) me to tidy my room,I do it immediately.
6) If someone (be) rude to me, I'm still polite to him
7) If I (feel) a bit sad, I talk to my friends and I usually feel better
8) If I really (like) a song on the radio, I go out and buy the CD



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1) needs
2) wake
3) offers
5) asks
6) is
7) feel
8) like