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Eusebius Smolarek (born January 9, 1981 in Łódź) - Polish football midfielder or striker, who represented the country. Currently player AO Kavala.

It also has Dutch citizenship, and therefore represent the Netherlands had an offer as a player, but decided to play for the Polish. Son of Wlodzimierz Smolarek. In the years 2005, 2006 and 2007 winner of the poll three times weekly "Football" in the most important categories of Player of the Year (the only Polish footballer in history has done it three times in a row). In 2008, finished 2nd Plebiscite in Sport Review of the top 10 athletes Polish in 2007. Victor is the winner of 2007 in the category most popular athlete.

From earliest childhood Smolarek Jr. dreamed of playing in the Polish national team, so that the impact was mainly a bad game of his father in the national colors and many successes, which together with the referring staff. To have the chance to realize their aspirations as a teenager refused Ebi KNVB Dutch national team appearances. His first appointment to the red and white team from Jerzy Engel has received a social gathering for Northern Ireland against Cyprus in Limassol. Debut in the frame could be counted right the first time since February 13, 2002 at the stadium Tsirion Athlitiko Kentro came onto the pitch in a 4-1 win against the popular game is Norn Iron (35 days after the 21 birthday). Despite considerable containment of the then national team and only one in her performance was likely to find in the 23-man squad for Świata'2002 Championship finals, but did not allow it - suffered in March - a chronic knee injury. At the next appointment he had to wait more than 2 years - 31 March 2004, when the duties of coach Pawel Janas has already served. It was thanks to him, got the opportunity to participate in his first big event, receiving a nomination for Świata'2006 Championship finals, being also one of the leaders of the team. Previously won for his red-white-and-goal premiere - September 3, 2005 at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzow elimination MŚ'2006 match against Austria. During the World Cup played in wszystkch 3 matches, but the Poles have already dropped out after the group stage. Therefore, as a coach Janas replaced Leo Beenhakker, which knew perfectly Smolarek from Feyenoord. October 11, 2006 meeting, 2-1 win to eliminate Europy'2008 Championships with Portugal scored 2 goals, becoming the "father of the triumph of" favorite Polish fans and undisputed star of the team. His artistry has confirmed 13 October 2007 by placing in just 9 minutes, first a classic hat-trick for the team and giving her a 3-1 win at a crucial duel with Kazakhstan. November 17, 2007 Ebiego two goals gave Poland 2-0 victory over Belgium, and sealed the first-ever promotion to the European Championship finals. During the Euro 2008 finals Ebi played all three matches, but scored a single goal, and Poland have already dropped out in the group stage with just one point in the match with Austria.

In a small town has long since been abandoned cemetery. People do not visit, because it claimed that it is haunted. To the town brought the family with two children. They also heard about a haunted cemetery from its neighbors, but adults as adults only laugh out of this. Children took to this very story. It was even worse when it turned out that the house is less than 100m. from the cemetery, on the home of rear window you can see the haunted cemetery. Parents do not believe in this story of ghosts appearing in the cemetery, but children indeed. One evening the parents of the children decided to go for a romantic dinner at a restaurant outside the city. The children were, so alone in the house. Circle Mej 12.00 at night and her brother John heard the voice of women. Looked out the window and on one of the tombstones sat a woman in a white robe and sang. Suddenly, she turned to children and smiled broadly. Dissolved in the air. My shrieked in horror and quickly wanted to run to her room. When you fall on the stairs she saw them sitting on the figure. It was the same woman he saw with his brother through the window. She got up and walked to the terrified girl. She put her hand on his head whereupon rapid movement turned its neck. When he went to look for her sister found her body on the bed on the wall of human blood have written, "Let the parents better believe"

W pewnym niewielkim miasteczku stał dawno opuszczony już cmentarz. Ludzie go nie odwiedzali, ponieważ twierdzili, że jest nawiedzony. Do miasteczka sprowadziła się rodzina z dwójką dzieci. Oni również usłyszeli o nawiedzonym cmentarzu od swoich sąsiadów, ale dorośli jak to dorośli jedynie się z tego śmiali. Dzieci ogromnie przejęły się tą historią. Było jeszcze gorzej, gdy okazało się, że ich dom leży niecałe 100m. od cmentarza, a z tylniego okna domu widać ten nawiedzony cmentarz. Rodzice nie wierzyli w tę historię o duchach pojawiających się na cmentarzu, ale dzieci owszem. Pewnego wieczoru rodzice dzieci postanowili wyjść na romantyczna kolację do restauracji za miastem. Dzieci zostały, więc same w domu. Koło 12.00 w nocy Mej i jej brat Jan usłyszeli śpiew kobiety. Wyjrzeli przez okno a na jednym z nagrobków siedziała kobieta w białej szacie i śpiewała. Niespodziewanie odwróciła się do dzieci i szeroko się uśmiechnęła. Rozpłynęła się w powietrzu. Mej wrzasnęła z przerażenia i czym prędzej chciała biec do swojego pokoju. Gdy wchodziła na schody zobaczyła na nich siedzącą postać. Była to ta sama kobieta, którą widziała z bratem przez okno. Wstała ona i podeszła do przerażonej dziewczynki. Położyła jej rękę na głowie poczym szybkim ruchem skręciła jej kark. Gdy chłopak poszedł szukać swojej siostry znalazł jej ciało na łóżku na ścianie pisało ludzką krwią "Niech rodzice lepiej uwierzą"
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1.Christiano Ronaldo was born in 1985 in Funchal in the north of Portugal. At school he was a good student and a good fotballer.
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