-Good morning. [you]
-good morning. [doc]
-I m here because i've got terrible headake since monday.
-well... did you have any problems with your head before?
-yes, after an car accident.
-so I'm going to examine you. I think it's a hematomia (krwiak)
[after examining]
My supousions were right. I'm going to leave you at the hospital for a week. don't worry - we're going to help you.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Doctor: Good morning. What seems to be the problem?
Patient: Good morning, doctor. I have a terrible pain in my arm.
Doctor: How did it happen?
Patient: I was cycling to work yesterday when sudenly I hit a lamp post and fell on the ground. I hit my arm and it is all in bruises. I put something cold to it but it didn't help me.
Doctor: Let me have a look at it. Could you take off your sweater?
Patient: Of course.
Doctor: I'm afraid that your hand is broken.
Patient: Oh, no! Do I have to wear plaster (=gips) now?
Doctor: Unfortumately, yes. I will put your hand into plaster. It will be better after three or four weeks.
Patient: Thank you doctor.
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