Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello. I want to introduce the celebration of birthday party in my country. First when you have a birthday you want to organize a party. I always invite my best friends to my home. I am preparing the invitation card's a week before. My mother prepares a party by cooking cakes, buying chips and some sweet drinks. During the birthday party we play games such as "familiada", "twister", hide-and-seek - ciuciubabka (zabawa dziecięca). The party start usually at 5 pm and ends at 8 pm. Friends always give me small presents - it is a tradition. I have presents for my friends too, like lollys chockolate. We always have fun. I want to reccoment this type of party to all children in the world. It is once a year after all.
When i have birthday i make a big party.
Party is in my home. I invite my friends and family at the party.
At morning I'm go shoping, later I make a dinner for my dudes.
When they are coming i stay near window and look at him.
Dudes give me a gifts and we start the party !
Me dance and sing the songs in karaoke ! We have fun and eat so much delicious food. Later i check my presents and thanks my dudes. After party i farewell with people and clean home.
I'm waiting for next birthday and i planing biger party !