Favourite kind of music

I like listening to the music. I don't what I would do if there was no music. Whatever I do the radio is beside me. The only place where I can't listen to my favourite pieces of music is school. I don't have any specifications of what I listen to. The only kind of music I really can't stand is polish "disco polo". Exept this, I tolerate all other sorts of music. I like sit down in my armchair and turn on my stereo. I usually listen to the radio but if there is nothing interesting on I put CD in a slot and play music loudly. Sometimes my neighbours are really angry with me about disturbing them.
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My favorite music is rock. I love him, because he's sense my life. I dont know what life when we dont know this music. Its horrible. My favorite band is MCR or green day. They are cool and nice . I know a lot sings and sometimes i sing it.
At some juncture i will ride on the concert. I think...Maybe and I will be a rocks singer?

Za bledy sry ale nie jestem pewna :)
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