The worst film which I was watching is 2012. There was boring film. The actress didn't play very well. There was too long. I don't like this kid of films. (Najgorszy film jaki oglądałam był film 2012. To był nudny film. Aktorzy nie grali zbyt dobrze. Film był za długi. Nie lubię tego rodzaju filmów.)

Sama pisałam, jednak opublikowałam to już wcześniej w jakimś innym zadaniu. Mam nadzieję, że to nic i Ci się przyda. Opis chyba nie musiał być pozytywny. mam nadzieję, że trochę pomogłam.;]
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Hannah Montana the movie
Hannah Montana this time only in the cinema! History moved from the TV series of the teenager (in this Miley soil Cyrus) which is usually an exemplary pupil, and in the secret before friends as the singer Hannah Montana is a success. When Hanna's popularity grows, she is deciding, behind the persuasion of one's father, to visit the home small town in Tennessee. He wants to spend his holidays there and to think on it, what is most important for her – the musical career or also a friendship and normal living. At first in the country however the boring stay is turning into the adventure which Hanna completely isn't expecting. Series are Hannah Montana with one of the most popular programs for children worldwide. However Miley Cyrus impersonating the title soil he is achieving huge successes simultaneously as the singer, and for her plates very much quickly are getting gold and platinum. Additionally in the Polish language version it will be possible to hear Joanna Koroniewska, Kuba Wesołowski and Julia Hertmanowska. [description of the distributor cinema]When Miley Stweart (alias pop star - Hannah Montana) the market deep is falling into world of the superstar and he is staying consumed by a light lifestyle, for her the father states that the time for a total change of air came. These are however not such straight lines! Miley must exchange the applause and the splendour Hollywood to a few old, blue jeans, family farm in Tennessee and to settle, whether Stewart and Hannah Montana are able to live as Miley simultaneously. Whether with the help of one's friends - in the company wonderful stars: Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts and Vanessa Williams- of the thigh for her to select oneself: Hannah or Miley? [description of the dvd distributor] Hannah Montana is a great rock star, however he is leading a double life. For her Miley is the second incarnation Stewart which is a normal teenager. When Hanna's fame grows, the father is deciding to take her away from her from Tennessee to the home small town. Miley doesn't like the village life, however he is meeting the charming boy and people which will cause that everything will change into the remarkable adventure. Miley must take the important decision very much. He must choose whom wants to be Miley, or Hanna with.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The film “Nigdy w życiu”, directed by Ryszard Zatorski, is a romantic comedy based on the novel written by a contemporary polish writer Katarzyna Grochola.

Judyta, the main character played by Danuta Stenka, is a journalist from Warsaw in her middle-thirties, left by her husband (Jan Frycz), decides to bring in changes in her life. She manages to build her own house, where she lives with her daughter (Joanna Jabłczyńska). Judyta faces new challenges like finding the man of her life. Will her dreams come true?

Despite of a trivial plot, I must say I was amused by the film. But it is not so much the events but rather the dialogues in the film that makes it worth seeing. The conversations are full of witty language and interesting word plays. Also the actors playing the characters have done an extremely good job. As far as the soundtrack is concerned, the songs used in the film are well known by the audience. The ending was not so surprising although I found it impressive, because it shows that everyone should believe in his dreams.

Above all, I strongly recommend “Nigdy w życiu” to the women, although the men will enjoy this film too. This comedy is not so ordinary as we could think. The best way to check it is to watch it!


Green monsters like Hulk or Godzilla seem to be very famous nowadays but Shrek - the huge ogre is definitely most recognizable. It took three years to bring Shrek to the big screen. The film is based on William Steig's book an directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson. It's a brilliant cartoon which achieved success not only among children but adult viewers as well.
The film tells the story of Shrek, (voiced by Zbigniew Zamachowski) a fearsome green ogre who loves his privacy and lives in an isolated swamp far away from civilization. One day his peaceful lifestyle changes completely when on his property appear fabulous characters form nearby kingdom. It turns out, that Shrek has to free the beautiful princess closed in a tower and guarded by fearful dragon if he want to regain his swamp. Shrek with talkative donkey (voiced by Jerzy Stuhr) set off on a travel full of dangerous adventures.
The plot is dynamic so we aren't getting bored during watching the film. What I liked about the film was music. It was perfectly fitted to every moment of movie. The best site of “Shrek" are fantastic dubbing and dialogues. Because of them film is more compelling and have a unique sense of humor which can give everybody a buzz.
Of course “Shrek" isn't perfect. Generally the script is funny but after a long while viewer get used to this specific humor and film gags aren't so funny. At the end of the film somebody can be fed up with an amusing donkey turning up in every scene.
Summing up, “Shrek" is well worth seeing. I can thoroughly recommend this film for everyone who wants to spend pleasantly Saturday evening.


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