Wybierz dowolą dyscypilne sportu i opisz każdy podunkt oddzielnie.
-zasady danej dyscypliny
-ile osob moze brac udział w danym sporcie
-jakie są najważniejsze osoby w tej grze
-jakie są napopularniejsze osoby danej dyscypilny
-jaki sprzet jest potrzebny

Np. Siatkówka:
-zasady gry
-ilosc osob na boisku
-kto jest najwazniejszą osobą w grze
-sprzet (w tym przypadku chodzi o piłke siatkową)
-jaki jest najpopularniejszy i najlepszy siatkarz wspolczesny

Prosze zarowno o wersje Angielską jak i Polską.



A volleyball is my favourite sports game. Played matches are in the hall on the court about dimensions 18 x 9 of metres and for the free zone for breadths of at least 3 metres around the appropriate court. Every team is composed of 12 competitors, amongst which appointed a captain and a competitor must be Libera. Apart from competitors a coach, his assistant, the massage therapist and the doctor participate in the match. Reserve competitors are on the substitute's bench or in the zone of the warm-up. All competitors are wearing the same dress, in the same colours and markings, but other numbers. He is only wearing the contrasting dress Libera. A team which will put the ball in the opponent's half is scoring a point, the opponent will commit the mistake or games the opposed team will be punished with warning. Every action is ending with the point. He is a principle, that a team scoring a point is playing the ball. A team which will score 25 points, is probably winning a set, around amounts to the score 24 - 24, they then are playing for getting the majority of two points by one of teams. He is a special set so-called „ time break! ” which is being finished off after scoring the fifteenth point. Every team has the right to 2 breaks for the rest. A coach of the team is signalling the request for the break. Apart from that technical breaks are appearing, after getting 8 and 16 of point in the game.In this discipline he is the most well-known volleyball player Sylwia Pycia. Every break lasts 30 seconds. I think that it is the best game under the sun.

mam nadziejee że pomogłaam i o to własnie ci chodziłoo :D
jak chcesz coś jeszcze pisz na priVvatee :P