• Użytkownik Zadane
1. the picture I can see beautiful woman. She is my best friends.
Her name is Lucy. She’s 16 years old. She lives in Warsaw.
She’s very pretty women. She’s slim. She has got long, dark, straight hair. She has got small brown eyes. She isn’t very tall.
She is wearing a denim trousers and a brown blouse. She is wearing a yellow blouse beneath brown. She has got a belt. She is wearing a little of make up.
She’s very funny girl. She isn’t shy, she’s very brave. She has got a lot of friends. She’s never sad, she’s often smiling.
Lucy is a very special person for me.

2. Chuck Norris is my favorite actor. Even though he is nearly 70, he is in better shape than some of the teenagers. I admire him for his acting abilities, strength, musculature, courage and amazing kicks. His biography is very interesting. Chuck trained karate, he had his own school and thanks to those abilities he was noticed by film directors. It was beginning of his film career. Chuck usually plays tuogh guys, because he is like taht in real life, he doesn't pretend. He became popular as an opponent of Bruce Lee in 'Way of the dragon' and also as main character of 'Missing in Action'. Next success of Norris was the TV series, ' Walker, Texas Ranger'. Chuck is a cheerful, friendly and helpful person. He is average height, he has medium lenght hair and long beard. I love him for unique style and his personality.