Sunflowers- (słonecznik) are an annual plants which grew in most countries in Europe.They are popular as an oil product.They are yellow and reach even 1,20m high.
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Tulip - a bulbous plant with showy flowers. Tulip is associated with Holand. Typically, it has from 2 to 6 leaves.

tulipan - roślina bulwiasta z okazałymi kwiatami. Tulipan jest kojarzony z Holandią. Zwykle ma od 2 do 6 liści.

rose - there are over 100 species in a variety of colours. Most species can be found in Asia. The name comes from French.

róża- jest ponad 100 gatunków rózy w równych kolorach. wiekszośc gatunkow moze byc znaleziona w Azji. Nazwa pochodzi z francuskiego.
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I really like the smell of flowers. I especially like the color yellow flowers. There are different colors of flowers. I love the violets because they are purple and I really like the color. My favorite flower is a yellow tulip. Roses are considered the most beautiful flowers in poland. A flower is a seed plant body. In my opinion, without flowers that was sad. For birthdays, weddings and other celebrations always be the best and nicest flowers. At this time we find flowers such as Snowflake (snowdrop), crocus, Liverworts, anemones, forsythia, narcissi and primroses.
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