Zadanie po angielsku.. Pilsska potrzebne na teraz.
A o to zadanie: Opisz krótko w kilku zdaniach (10-12 zdań) o tym jak świętuje się nowy rok w twoim kraju..Proszę żeby było to tak na poziomie 2 gimn... Z góry dzięki:) Jeśli nie ma minimum zdań odp. uznaję jako błędną....



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In my country people celebrate New Year's Eve by making parties at home. First they invite their friends and family to a party. They buy a lot of food and drinks. People decorate their houses with balloons and other decorations. They prepare and cook different delicious dishes. During the party people dance, eat the dishes and have a lot of fun. At midnight people drink champagne and wish themselves all the best. People also organise different parties and concerts in big cities. A lot of people come to such parties and they listen to music and have a lot of fun with other people. Polish New Year's parties are similar to parties in other countries.
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When we have 31 december we are going on party !
I with my friends eating and drinking so much in this day.
People meet family from other parts of Poland.
At midnight we submiting requests and we shouting - Happy new year !
Somebody call to other friends with requests and good massages.
Later we are going to shot fireworks and drink a champagne on the shining moon :D
I see beautiful night when people are happy and they have fun.
After this event we are going to home and we continue a party to morning.
At 1 january we resting and guiding last night. We have new orders on next year and we would like to be better.
Pity that the New Year is a few times a year :(