Napisz list do koleżanki, która za miesiąc po raz pierwszy przyjeżdża do Polski:
*poinformuj ja, ze odbierzesz ja z lotniska i zapytaj o datę i godz przyjazdu;
*doradź co ma zabrać ze sobą i jakiej pogoda będzie w Polsce;
*zaproponuj miejsca które mogłybyście zwiedzić, poproś o szybka odpowiedź.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello Michelle.
I'm so happy that You'll be in Poland. I will take you from the airport with my father. Tell me, when will you arrive? Give me the accurate date and the hour. You should take a few warmer clothes but I think that will be warm! But don't worry, in case of the worse weather, I'll lend you clothes.
I hope that we will be having a good time. I'll show you Pałac Kultury, Łazienki, Pałac Prezydencki and so much more! We'll go to shops. Will be great, you'll see! You can search in internet places, which you want to see.
Please answer me fast!
Hi Marta
I hear that you came to Poland for me. I'm very happy and i can't wait for our first meet. Please tell me what date and hour are you going to be on airport becouse I take you from airport. I advice you to bring to Poland a pair of shoes and a lot of money becouse i want on friday go shopping with you. The weather in next week are going to be great so you musn't take any umbrella. We can visit a Wawel and a central market. Please anser hurry becouse you know me i can be very stubborn and impatient. So take a paper a please do this. :)