This year every person in Europe will throw away approximately 500kgg of rubbish.Usually we burn or bury this rubbish but this isnt good for the enviroment.Recycling is a good alternative and it doesnt pollute the environment.Now there are lots of places where we can recycle old bottles cans glass cardboard and paper.But some people recycle rubbish in a very original way.They use it to make art.Leo Sewwel is an American artist.He creates art and sculptures with rubbish.He makes colourful animals humans and dinosaurs from bottles cans and other waste.The WEEE man is very unusual.Its seven metres tall and its made of rubbish.It represents the quantity of electrical and electronic equipment that a typical lifetime.That includes four wideo od dvd recorders.



This year every person in Europe will throw away approximately 500kgg of rubbish
trzeba tłumaczyć tak po zdaniu tam z boku jest jak się wymawia

Dis jer ewry person i Urołp łill fru ełej aproksimejtli fajf hundred kg of rabisz. Jużułeli łi bern or buri dis rabisz bat dis izynt gud for de inwajroment. Risajkling is a gud alternatiw end it dazynt polut de inwajroment. Nał der ar lots of plejs łer łi ken risajkl old butels kens glas karbord and pejper. bat sam pipul risajkl rabisz in wery oridżinal łej. dej jus it to mejk art. Lio Siwel is an Amerikan artist. He kri-ejts and skulptures ływ rabisz. hi mejks kolorful enimols hiumans and dinozałrs from butels, can end ołder wejst. de wiii men is wery unjusual.its sewen metres tol end mejd of rabisz. it reprezent de kłantiti of elektrikal end elektronik ekłipment dat e typikal lajftajm. dat inkludes for widio od dividi rikorders.
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