Read Paul's letter and Tom's notes.
Then complete Tom's reply.

Dear Tom.
Thanks for your letter. I'm going to come next Sunday. My train arrives at four p.m. Can you meet me at the station?

Yes, I like the theatre. I want to see the theatre in your town because I've never been tom an open-air theatre! What's the title of the play? My mum wants to pay the tickets.

I've never been horse riding but I want to try! Do I have to wear special clothes? What clothes should I bring? What other things should I bring?

I'm sorry but I saw the film about wild animals last week. it was fantastic! You should see it. What about going to see the new Harry Potter film? What other things can we do?

See you soon!

yes/Mum and I drive to the station.

The Happy King!/ pay for ticket no.

comfortable clothes for horse riding/ bring swimming things and roller blades.

Harry Potter film- yes candeing?




Dear Paul
I can not wait to arrive!
For sure we will go to the cinema and theater.
And, with great alacrity, we will ride on horseback.
Do not worry, I'll give you clothes for horse riding.
We can do many other things.
For example, we build a tree house, or
we will go onto the pitch to play football, or grid.
In truth you are my great friend,
fun with you is a great pleasure for me.
See you soon

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