Do każdego z podanych komentarzy dopisz sensowne wypowiedzi.

EXAMPLE: A. John, I hope you will forgive me - I've left your camera at home ...
B. That's all right. Don't worry too much. I won't need it today, anyway.

1. A:__________________________________________________
B: Oh, come on, cheer up. She'll be just fone.
2. A:__________________________________________________
B:Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Would you like to sit down and talk about it?
3. A:__________________________________________________
B: No, I'm not interested at all. Sorry.
4. A:__________________________________________________
B: Oh, what a pity! I'm really disappointed.
5. A:__________________________________________________
B: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Shall I ring your parents and tell them to come and get you?
6. A:__________________________________________________
B: You can't be serious! I am really mad!




1. I'm so unhappy... She don't send mi once exercise and I've got trouble.
2. I can't stand anymore. She was everything to me and now she is dead...
3. Hi! Are you wanna to buy this superb t-shirt? We have got a really nice advancement.
4. I'm sorry I can't leave my bed I have to go to a doctor because I'm very ill
5. I'm in the hospital rihgt now. My grandma have got an accident.
6. Errr... Martin I really sorry I don't know how can I... I forgot your laptop today... Are you mad?
1 1 1
1. Ania promised to call me an hour ago, but she didn't! Maybe something happened to her? I'm getting nervous!
2. Yesterday my dog died.
3. Excuseme Sir, would you like to fill the questionere and you'll get free samples.
4. Unfortunately, Sara won't come, because she has a test tomorrow.
5. Miss Nowak, I feel bad and I have temperature. I'm not able to stay on the classes today.
6. Well, I kissed you, so maybe now you'll be my girlfriend?