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"My holiday adventure"
At the beginning of summer I went to summer camp on the Baltic Sea, together with Ola, Malgosia and Paulina, and my younger brother Michael. Me and the girls we had a common room next to the ladies Educators, and Michael and his colleagues at the other end of the corridor. On the second day the heat was terrible, so we went to the beach. Terribly tired, after going through three kilometers, we reached the sandy beach. However, the sight of what we found was stunning. Everywhere lay the łakociach papers, garbage, rubber sticks. In the water pływało full of seaweed so that we could swim a maximum of five meters from the shore. I was upset that there is so much rubbish around, but I wanted to have fun. We bathed in the evening, then we had to come back. At the very thought of this made me sad. But I saw something that improved my mood, namely - the sunset. It was wonderful. The sun looked like a fiery red-gold ball dipping into the sea. The sun's rays bouncing off the waves. The view was really beautiful. The only pity is that the beach was so neglected. Back we went (thankfully!) Coach. I came back exhausted. Rest in peace I read a book. After five minutes, his eyelids slowly drooped to my eyes ... I opened it. I noticed that I was on the beach, in the same place where we were in the south. But the beach was a strange. Something is not played. I looked around in amazement at here is different. I suddenly realized that this beach is clean, with no stalks, garbage and papers. A beautiful, wild sandy beach. Unimaginable! But where are rubbish? I ran into the sea. It was also clean and free of seaweed. Blue, clear water until it wanted to laugh, that something exists. But at the same time scared. But no one here was the whole beach was empty, not a living soul! I began to exhort, to look for. Several times it even seemed to me that someone saw and ran toward him, but he disappeared. Just disappeared! Even more scared. I sat down, resigned to the sun-heated sand. I started to watch the sunset, I watched quite different than when I was here from the colony. Slowly, my fear subsided. I felt tired. I thought only about how it is possible that the very same afternoon, everything here was different. Suddenly, something hit me. I was snatched from his thoughts. The concern turned around and saw a terrible man, and on it a pile of garbage and food leftovers. I noticed that diffused away from him smell spoiled food, mold. For this man ran a string of rubbish and wskakiwały at him, and he grew bigger and bigger. Immediately I started to run. Cannon, I cried, I cried for help. Beautiful sea has become a trap for me. I had no where to escape. World blur before my eyes ...
- I guess it's not.
- Maybe too much sun it shining. She complained that there is no cap. - Quiet! He wakes up. I opened my eyes. Above me was probably the whole colony. Ola, Goshia and Paul were terrified faces.
- What happened? - I asked sleepily.
- When we went to court after returning from the sea, you usnęłaś.
And when he came back and were shouting shrilly shout - help!. All stop feet! - Ola explained.
- Ah, so it was just a bad dream. What a relief!
- But we are fear! - Said the lady.
The next day I asked you, we go to the beach with garbage bags and a little cleaned. I told him my dream, and that will surely be all the more pleasant to sit on the clean sand. After lunch the entire group went to collect garbage. At first, people point at us with his fingers, but then we joined our action. After several hours of intensive work we have part of the beach to clean up. During these colonies have learned to respect nature and how they can look experienced beaches, mountains and other public places, if we do not litter. I think we need to show people that it is a nice and pleasant to sit on a clean beach, sunbathe, walk the mountains do not litter.
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