Jaki ma wpływ amerykańska kultura na nas ,ma być od 120 słówek do 200 i mam poinformować o przejawach popularności ;amerykańskich sportów np koszykówki ,barów typu fast food ,muzyki i mody młodzieżowej oczywiście po angielsku proszę o pomoc muszę to mieć na jutro czekam



American culture influences the entire world. European and asian countries celebrate american feasts such as: Valentine's Day, Halloween. We can also observe how american culture impacts Poland.
First of all- the lifestyle. Nowadays we can't imagine our lives without cars, fast food restaurants. We live always in a hurry and it's worth to mention that is exactly how americans live. It's hard to find somebody who doesn't know what Mc Donald's or KFC( Kentucky fried chicken) is.
Also the music, celebrities. Million of teenagers in USA and other countries (also Poland) are crazy about Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers or some Disney channel's movies.
Sport is very important in the United States. Some of the american team sports are also popular in Poland. Polish people like watching basketball or baseball.
It's easy to notice that most of the movies in the movie theatre are from USA.
No doubt that USA is a very powerful and strong country. Their culutre influences many countries in every continent.

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