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  • Użytkownik Zadane
Dear Director

In relation to your announcement of the monthly music magazine, "Only Rock 'of 22 02. 2004, regarding the job offer, please consider my candidacy for the position of Head of the recording in your company.

As a graduate of the Private Schools of Music degree in Atomowicach, sound in Konowickim House of Culture and the person permanently bound to the two music ensembles ("Dekłąg" and "Nomad"), I am prepared to work as the above mentioned recording head. Experience gained from the school, skills, and practice sound stage without doubt confirm that I am a competent, professional, ambitious and development, so that my qualifications are in line with your requirements.
I am interested in searching for new faces Polish music scene, as well as assembly and manufacture of LPs LP.
Relatively easy to establish contacts with other people and I can find in all, even the most extreme situations.

Employing me, you win a diligent and skilled worker, and in parallel allow me to realize my plans to work in a company with strong position in the music business.