Zad. 1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

2 I ___________________ (give) you extra homework if you _____________________ (not stop) talking.

3 Be careful! That cup ___________________ (break) if you ____________________ (drop) it.

4 If you ___________________ (take) her CDs without asking, she _____________________ (tell) Mum.

5 We ________________________ (disqualify) you from the competition if you ______________________ (break) the rules.

6 I ________________________ (not know) what to say if he __________________________ (ask) me again.

7 If the __________________________ (not phone) her, she ________________________ (not speak) to him again.

8 What _________________________ (happen) if we ________________________ (not win) this match?

Zad 2 Make sentences starting with "If..." using the prompts.

2 this player/miss the penalty kick/his team lose
3 that player/score a goal?his team win
4 they/not win/the match/not be/in the final
5 they/not win/the final/the fans/be/angry



1. I will give You extra homework if You won't stop talking.
2. The cup will break if You drop it.
3. If you take her CD's she will tell Mum
4. We will disqualiy You from the competition if You break the rules.
5. I wouldn't (won't) know what to say if he asked (asks) me again.
6. If he doesn't phone to her, she won't speak to him.
7. What will happen if we don't win this match?

1. If this playes misses the penaulty kick his team will lose.
2. Will his team win if the player scores the goal?
3. If they don't win the match, they won't be in final.
4. If they don't win the match the fans will be angry.
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