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Many people came to the final of the tournament.Julia had three tickets so she invited Gabriella and tom. Gabriella brought two girls , Kate and Natasha, with her.Tom invited his brother Vadim.Their friend Yuri came alone.
1.Who did Gabriella bring??
2.Who invited Gabriella??
3.Who invited Vadim??
4.Who did Tom invite??
5.Who invited Tom??
6.Who invited Kate??
7.Who did Yuri invite?
Zad.2 Napisz do pytania brakujące informacje w zdaniach<po ang.: Write questions aabout the missing information in the sentences>
1)...happened two days ago.What...?
2)...kissed Jack at the party.Who...??
3) looking at you.Who...??
4)Mike is looking at .... What ...?
5)I phoned ... last night.Who...??
6)...phoned me at the weekend.Who...??
7)I like ... very much.What...?
8)Martha kissed ... during the break.Who...?
9)...makes my parents angry.What...??



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Odp. do pytań :)
1) Gabriella brought two girls.
2)Julia invited Gabriella .
3)Tom invited Vadim.
4)Tom invited Vadim.
5) Julia invited Tom.
6) Gabriella invited Kate.
7)Nobody invited Tom.

1)What did happen two days ago ?
2) Who did kiss Jack at the party ?
3)Who is looking at you ? ( nie jestem pewna )
4)What Mike is looking at ? ( i tu też nie jestem pewna xD )
5)Who did you phone last night ?
6)Who phone me at the weekend ?
7)What did you like very much ?
8) Who did Martha kiss during the break ?
9)What do make my parents angry ?