Wales is one of more interesting laid on British Isles lands.

Wales, then one of four component parts of United Kingdom of Great Brytanii and Northern Ireland. Wales is Celtic historical land from which it comes from many famous men.
Great Brytania Wales be laid over Irish Sea, in south-west part of island. City is capital Cardiff. The surface of Wales carries out 20779 km ^(2), and men's almost 3 millions lives her.

The stormy history of Wales plaits with fates of England. It reigns in them ustroić the same political, links it queen's person, however she possesses sure autonomy. The Welsh economy be bases first of all on industry, and also on sector of services.

Wales is country long dreamt of on holiday expeditions. Many interesting and antique Welsh cities, not only excellent hotels offer, but first of all numerous relics, in this magnificent, mediaeval locks. It is proper is go to Wales 1 March, when this falls remembrance David's św., patron of Wales.

Wales, then also interesting place to studying. Numerous universities, they from the most with famous Welsh University educate men from whole world.
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