Do końca tego tygodnia potrzebuję napisać recenzję jakiegoś filmu w czasie teraźniejszym z Języka Angielskiego, chciałbym aby ta recenzja była napisana minimum w 150 słowach. Oczywiście ta recenzja ma mieć ręce i nogi tzn. mieć wstęp, ciąg dalszy oraz zakończenie.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

The Addams Family Polish history and their victims is full of typical films Machulski skillful staging, the original dialog and precise solutions acting (especially in the case of Janusz Chabiora, an actor in a cubist appearance, who finally lived to see the role more interesting.) However, for the first time the author of "Vabanku" grabs on such advanced video game convention (in this case, the horror of the vampire). The solution for this kind of comedy on the theme of our land may seem a risky tactic, because we do not have a decent film in the Polish tradition of horror films (except the last romantic comedy.) I happily during landing wampirycznego American cinema (not just the latest saga "Twilight" vampire-lovers of the teenagers, but also action movies with "Underworld" and "Blade" at the head). Machulski goes from a distance and typically Polish humor to create a kind of antidote to the Western productions, providing the first area is the story of the vampire made in Poland. Polish bloodsuckers do not suffer from the gift of longevity and the constant hunger of blood. There are dilemmas and existential and moral perplexity. They live (or dead), the next people, surprisingly easy merging the color of the village. Accept without resistance, even after the priest carol, or German tourists. Machulski not play the whole wampirycznego anturażu pictured, because this is not its purpose. Vampires are treated as a source of comic potential, which in combination with the scene of action, which is the Polish countryside, creates a surprisingly coherent whole.