He has rides on a lorry as well as a car one's advantages and disadvantages. Accidents caused by cars are a defect but równierz with their quality. In accidents also a weather is playing the central role. A lorry must efficiently oneself poruszaĆ in order to niespowodowaĆ of accidents of this type.. The fact that cars can sprawowaĆ is a virtue role in the work, przeworzeniu of goods. Car I am useful naprzykład for everyday duties so as worzenie children to the school or the straight exit for the shopping.
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A drive in a car is a very interesting thing we can get sie into the any place without great effort.. we are not having to worry for the weather or else we will always have the roof under the head.. of course there are still bad virtues since cars are polluting our planet.. at least personal cars are for leprosy from weigtlifting it what so that to it we advise nothing... let us count only on cut techniques..
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Advantages of ridings are personal car such that it commutes faster and there is personal car convenient defect be such that such cars cause case (chance) often very.

Zalety jazdy samochodem osobowym są takie że: szybciej jeździ i jest wygodniejszy
Wady samochodem osobowym są takie że takie auta bardzo często doprowadzają do wypadku.

Advantages of ride are truck such that it is possible be transport in (to) them heavy commodities of defects such that they commute slowly.

Zalety jeżdżenia samochodem ciężarowym są takie że można w nich przewozić
ciężkie towary
Wady są takie że wolno jeżdżą.
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