Brick is weighing kilogramme and half a brick. How many is brick weighing?
rozwiązanie:kilogramme and half
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1. I come to all the children on Earth at Christmas. I give them presents. I wear a red coat. I have a long white beard. My name is ...Santa Claus

2. This thing is made out of metal. It has a screen. To turn it on you have to push a buton. It is part of a computer. What is it? It is...monitor

3. In this place children learn a lot of useful things. Sometimes they have tests. Here there are teachers. What don't children like about it? Here the teachers give homework! This place is a ... school

5.What has three hands and only one face ?
-clock (zegarek)

6.I have holes on the top and bottom.
I have holes on my left and on my right.
And I have holes in the middle, yet I still hold water.
What am I?-a sponge(gąbka)
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