Daj rady tym ludziom po angielsku. potrzebne na zaraz. Daje naj!!!
Te rady mają być jakieś sensowne

1)My telephone bill came to 210 again this month. My parents are going to be furious.
2)I'm so annoyed with my brother. He keeps taking Cds from room.
3)My parents don't let me go parties.
4)I want to buy a puppy but my parents say that I haven;t got enough time to take care of it.
5)I lied to my friend. I tired to apologise but she refuses to talk to me.

Uzupełnij zdannia.

1)If you eat too much fast food,...................
2)I'll turn off the light when ..............
3)When he leaves school, he ..............
4)You eon't pass your exam unless ................
5)I'll come to the party if .......................



1)Try to convince them to work off a part of bill. f.ex. offer helping with cleaning the house every weekend.
2)agree with your brother one day when he can come to your room and after asking you for a cd and borrow it for a agreed frist.
3)Try to remind your parents that when they were in your age they also wanted to go for parties. Promise them that you won't get drunk as well as you won't do anything stupid.
4)ask your parents to take care of your friend's puppy for a week. if you'll pass this test, your parents won't have any doubts to buy you a puppy.
5)Try to send a letter to him/her or ask for a help your mutual friend.

1)You should stop eating junk food and go for a diet.
2)it get dark
3)has no idea what to do with his free time.
4)you spend a lot of time on learning
5)my parents let me go