I like almost all animals. Both those who live in freedom and live with people. I like a horse, but must admit a little afraid of them. I like to stroke the soft fur of cats, listen to purr like happy lying on my lap. However, the greatest pet is my dog.

For several years we have Rafi. It is a medium dog breed unspecified. Some say that this hybrid but I prefer to call him an animal wielorasowym. There is something with the Alsatian and huskiego. It is gray-brown-black, his semi-long hair nicely błyszczy.Ma beautiful wise eyes which can tell almost everything. I know when you ask for something when it is happy or sad. Rafi sometimes even crying. With eyes the tears flow when he is sadly missed from główką.Dzieje is mainly when you do not want to give him his favorite słodyczy.Wygląda tearful as seven misfortunes. Unfortunately, my dog is incredibly greedy and basically likes everything, even pickled cucumbers and pips from the cherries.

Rafi, above all, likes walks. As soon as you notice that someone in your house starts to dress immediately becomes the door and is ready to wyjścia.Jeżeli see that we reach the leash and barking happily merda fikuśnym his tail. Starches is sometimes impatient when the door pushing the first falls into the corridor. Back to home is very different.

My dog is an animal very happy. Long since ceased to be a kid but still likes to play ball or his tattered plush teddy bear. Sleeping on the couch in my room. Tolerate the things there, some carefully buried nose under the blanket.

I like my dog gives me great joy and happiness when greeted me after returning from school. I like to play with him and go for a walk. I think that this is a clever animal who can understand a lot. Rafi I take everywhere with you wherever you can is my faithful companion. Together we look forward to and worry, We are bored when it rains and we have to sit at home. Is it so you can make friends, for example, a turtle? :)
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