Write sentences about what's happened this week
1. Ben/speak to his father (v)/mother (x)
2.Gabi and Laura / have a latter (x) / an email (v)
3.Greg/ eat a pizza (x)/spaghetti (v)
4.Pedro/dance with Carol (v) / sally (x)
5.Jack/buy a CD(x)/ a book (v)
6.Sally/write a postcard (v)/ a letter(x)
7.Carol/break a cassette(v)/ the camera (x)
8.we/go to the cinema (x)/theatre(V)




1.ben spoke to his father/ ben didn't speak to his mother
2.gabi and laura didn't have a letter, they had an email
3.greg ate pizza, he didn't eat spaghetti
4.pedro danced with carol, he didn't dance with sara
5.jack didn't buy a cd, he bought a book
6.sally wrote a postcard, she didn't write a letter
7.carol broke a casette, he didn't break the camera
8.we didn't go to the cinema, we went to the theatre

6 3 6
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Ben spoke to his father , he didn't speak with his mother.
2. Gabi and Laura didn't have a letter , they had an email.
3.Greg didn't eat a pizza , he ate spaghetti .
4.Pedro danced with Carol , he didn't dance with Sally.
5.Jack didn't buy a Cd , he bought a book.
6.Sally wrote a postcard, she didn't write a letter.
7.Carol broke a cassette , she didn't broke a Camera.
8.We didn't go to the cinema , we went to the theatre.

9 4 9