Napisz list dokolegi w ktorym pochwalisz sie mu ze :
- w twojej miejscowosci utworzono wielkie centrum handlowe
- opisz jak zareagowali twoi znajomi i sasiedzi
-opowiedz mu jaka jest twoja opinia na temat otwarcia nowego centrum (czy jestes za czy przeciw i dlaczego?)
-zapros kolege na wspolne zakupy w twojej miejscowosci

proszę o szybką odpowiedż
z góry dzięki



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Tom!
I am writing to you to let you know about brand-new and huge shopping center in my city. It has many shops with useful things. My friends are very happy for this centre. Just like my neighbours. Personally, I think that this centre is good for our city because people needed it. Like I said it has many shops: food shops, cloth shops, pharmacy's, jewerly shops, etc. And even cinema! I agree with people who think that this centre was a great idea. Finally, I want to invite you for shopping :) maybe we could go to the cinema? Think about it :)

With Regards,
Hi Simon!
I would like you to show off a new. There is a new supermarket in my city near my home. My friends and me were very happy about It. Some of my neighbours weren't happy because They thought that street where We are living will be very busy. Me and my friends are going for shopping every Saturday afternoon. In this supermarket there's a lot of awesome shops like Cropp Town, or House. I'm very glad about this market. I guess a lot of young people like this place so much.
I want to invite you for a shopping with me and my friends.
So I'm waiting for your letter.

Best wishes,