Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1We wont be having enough water to survive
2We wont be driving cars anymore
3We wont be having petrol
4All people will be having internt in thier brains
5.We wont be having bikes anymore
6.We will be going to Mars and other planets
7.World will be facing severe draught
8.Trees will be reducing in numbers
9.Possibility of having healty food will be reducing
10.We will be having more skin cancers
11.New car techngologies will be discovering
12.People wont be having much hair on their bodies
13.People will be living less than 40 years old
14.Childern will be smart as computer
15.They will be able to discover more madicines for illness
16. Everyone will be having mobile phone
17. People wont be going to school, They will be studing at home
18.We wont be having muc oxygen from trees
19.People will be haiving own cinemas at home
20.People will be eating only fast food
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